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This section is pretty lame. Basically I refurbished my existing system. I considered options for dealing with fuel injection in the future, such as adding a return line and a low-fuel-level container (to keep feeding the FI system when fuel sloshes away from the pickup tube) but I'll wait on those until I actually decide to use FI.

The fuel tank didn't have much rust in it, so I was content with cleaning it out with OxySolv and then painting the exterior (after spending a long time, you guessed it, scraping off undercoating).

Shiny gas tank

I got a new fuel strainer from Wrenchead. It's not exactly the same as the old one. It has a plastic piece in it with two holes in it. You push the pickup tube through one hole then the next and that locks the strainer in place. If the second picture looks funny to you, remember that the "Iron Duke" cars didn't have electric pumps in the tanks, just a pickup tube and float. I also found a new O-ring at Pep Boys.

New and old strainers, strainer installed, new o-ring

I got a new (used) fuel filler neck since mine had a big rust hole in the top. I cut up a new radiator hose to connect the filler and the neck on the tank. This may be a dumb idea if the hose can't hold up to gasoline. However, even though the hose is pretty long, the actual part that will see gas is under 1" long. Anyway, I'll keep an eye on it.

Fuel filler neck

I didn't even know where to start looking for new anti-squeak strips for the metal straps that hold the gas tank in place. So I found a mat that is used for tool drawers and cut it to fit. Then I installed the gas tank and the muffler shield.

New rub strips, gas tank installed

More to come...

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