A New Wardrobe

The first thing I did was de-chrome and prime the exterior. I got paint on the windows too but it'll clean off. Plus I need a new windshield anyway (grrr...).

Now you know why it's called "Monzamess"

I took off the fenders and cleaned the undercoating and gunk off of them. I also cleaned the fender liners. The dirty undercoating you see is the same crap that was everywhere. I guess it served its purpose but if you've read this far you know what a scar it has left on my psyche. (just kidding!) Then I reinstalled those pieces.

Dirty fender liners, clean liners, clean fender, everything installed

In the first picture you can see the front nose piece that I tried to fix. It may look OK in the picture, but it's basically beyond repair. I fiberglassed it together from the 5 or so pieces it was broken into but couldn't duplicate the factory mounting points. So it can't be mounted to the front end properly. I tried to find a replacement piece but they're pretty tough to find. The Spyder-type nose is a little easier to find, and I bought one from HBOA club member Ken Mahoy.

2- and 4-light front ends

Here are some more pictures taken during the move to a new garage.

Being pulled onto the trailer

Ready to go--poor little truck!

Monzamess sees the outside world again for a little while

In its new home

Still playing around with front ends--I really like the 2-light front end compared to the 4-light version, but the 2-light bumper is really boring. So I decided to mix-and-match. First, I needed the correct frame-to-bumper brackets for the 4-light bumper. The impact absorbers (cylinder) and their brackets are the same for each frontend, but the frame mounts are different.

Frame-to-bumper brackets--4-light on left and 2-light on right

Here are some pictures of what a hybrid front end would look like; it still needs a bunch of work, but I think I'll try it.

Various views of the hybrid front end

More to come...

On to Interior